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Introducing TXT2Remind+

Author: Admin/Wednesday, October 22, 2014/Categories: Vensa Blog


We're excited to announce the release of TXT2Remind+ (plus) – a range of complementary services to help you make the most of TXT2Remind including: On-going one on one training, monthly reporting, new online training portal and new automated setup. A personal invitation will be sent to all practices soon detailing the new service and how you can join. 

So what is it all about? What do you get? Good question!
Monthly Reporting
Ever wondered what your utilisation is like over the past 12 months. The benefits of this report are to highlight the area’s of excellent performance and area’s which could use improvement. The report will be emailed to the practice on a monthly basis and will identify the area’s of usage, such as appointment reminders, labs, scripts, Cervical Screening, Smoking ABC and more.
On-Going Training
The practice will receive extra on-going training in any area the practice wants to improve utilisations of TXT2Remind on, this is offered by remote access at any time requested. This ranges from setting up appointment reminders, lab results process to help with targets such as Smoking ABC, CVDRA, Flu and much more.
Online Training Material
We have a new online resource center to help practices get the most out of TXT2Remind, from video trainings to how-to documents. The practice will be able to access monthly reports, Text-message templates, Query Builders for all health targets. 
Automated Setup
We will also be making available all the queries and text-templates the practice may require available through special installation files saving more time on following our instructions through online resource centre.
Stand by the personal packs your about the receive to join TXT2Remind+.
By the Vensa Health Team

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