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Mosgiel Health Centre show us how to “better, sooner and more conveniently” reach national smoking target

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World Smokefree Day on 31 May puts harmful smoking and second hand smoking behaviours in the spotlight – and creates momentum for NZ’s 2025 smokefree goal. MosgielHealth Centre is hitting the smoking cessation challenge head on with TXT2Remind. 

    Mosgiel Health Centre had experienced many of the usual problems healthcare professionals face when trying to engage their patients on the subject of smoking cessation. Trying to reach each patient via phone was proving to be time intensive, and it was difficult to engage all patients with appointments at the centre. 

To reach their national smoking targets and help patients quit the Otago-based practice decided to do things differently with Vensa Health’s TXT2Remind. By personalising the Smoking ABC Framework in TXT2Remind the practice found an effective way to efficiently target and deliver health information or cessation advice to their local smoking population.

Using TXT2Remind to communicate with patients overcame a number of barriers for the practice such as time constraints, effort demands, cost and patient accessibility. Results were immediate as health communications were received by “hard to reach” patients in everyday settings and yielded a greater response. 

Mosgiel Health - Smoking ABC Results using TXT2Remind: 

Practice Nurse Manager Nicky Davidson says, “We also received an overwhelming number of phone calls” as patients proactively contacted the practice to update their details. These phone calls were from patients who chose not to pay a standard messaging fee to text the health centre. Practice Nurse Davidson described this whole process as “hugely time saving” as patient health statuses were obtained in real time and the demand on staff time was drastically reduced.

Mosgiel Health now has an up-to-date database of their patients’ self-identified smoking status by using TXT2Remind. This whole process took an accumulated total of 26.5 hours, over a 4 week period.

Smoking Status and Time Costs
The following illustrations show the time and cost savings achieved using TXT2Remind rather than phone calls to update smoking statuses. 

These results are significant because the practice was then able to focus a team of nurses to channel the time saved to target the high-needs “current smoker” or “current smoker that would like help to 
stop” populations. The practice can now channel their finite and often stretched time, labour and monetary resources towards patients who would benefit the most from smoking advice. 

The amazing follow-up team at Mosgiel Health Centre

This case study exemplifies how modern day technology is enabling practices to more effectively prioritise their tasks and complete them without the resource demands of traditional methods. Mosgiel Health Centre is a great example of how NZ health practices can more easily and feasibly achieve the “Better Help for Smokers to Quit” national target.

Vensa Health’s ABC framework & templates available online
 - The TXT2Remind Smoking ABC framework, and updated TXT and SMS templates, are available to download via Vensa Health’s online resource centre free of charge to our TXT2Remind+ customers.
 - Check out our resource centre for a range of new templates including cervical screening, flu vaccines and overdue accounts.
 - Note: we have shortened templates to fit within 160 characters making them potentially cost-saving for your practice.
 - An updated online eLearning tutorial will be released each fortnight on the online resource centre.

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I am a Health Equality and Social Justice advocate, aspiring to be a part of the solution. I have completed a Bachelor of Health Science and Arts conjoint at the University of Auckland. I am the Practice Support Specialist at Vensa Health. This involves providing TXT2Remind training and support for practices, and conducting various in-house projects.

I actively pursue the healthy and balanced lifestyle I wish to promote. I enjoy reading, writing and keeping up with current events. I love going on adventures and travelling, with my most exciting overseas experience being teaching in Northern Iraq amongst the displaced Kurdish community.




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