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Take a glimpse into two practices with and without TXT2Remind

Author: Admin/Tuesday, September 22, 2015/Categories: Vensa Blog

There are two types of practices. A practice with TXT2Remind and a practice without TXT2Remind. They are different. A practice with TXT2Remind may not grasp how other practices exhaust their administrative time with letters and follow up calls with patients. A practice without TXT2Remind may believe that they have found a method that works for them and don’t need more technology.

There is no right or wrong way. It comes down to philosophy. As Vensa has created the digital communication for primary care, my view is little bias. Over the years, I’ve seen a natural increase and positive movement in practices using TXT2Remind. Alongside with practices who choose Vensa, we have been blown away by what we have achieved. As a practice without TXT2Remind, you may have heard about the good things that have been made possible. Despite this, we have not captured your attention yet.

The infographic below will give you a glimpse into a life with and without TXT2Remind.  At Vensa, we make the extra effort because we believe in something greater than simply delivering technology and saving practice’s time. We are interested in the health outcomes for your community. Success to us is a child getting immunised or early detection of cancer. Our priority is to enable our practices to create well-being and healthy communities.

By Vensa Team

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