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Flu Season Template Management: Quick Tips

Author: Admin/Thursday, February 18, 2016/Categories: Vensa Blog

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, “lets keep our messages under 160 characters”! Why? – Research has shown that short and concise messages are more likely to engage patients and make it easier to retain information. 160 Characters is the universal standard length of one text message. This means patients with analog phones will receive the message across two texts.

Pro Tip: when editing TXT templates, try to leave 15-25 characters in order to account for the expansion of merge fields such as [LOC_NAME] and [PAT_FIRSTNAME]



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I am in my final year of completing a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Auckland with a double major in finance and management. I am also currently the Practice Support Intern at Vensa Health. My role involves presenting template management support to various practices and helping with specific training. It also includes valuable time in the finance department where I deal with accounting records, excel data and Xero.

Outside of the workplace, I am an active and social individual with interests in tennis, rugby and snowboarding as well as reading and spending time with my friends.

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