Appointment Confirmation

Automatically send reminders and receive confirmation for all health appointments. With the additional bonus of colour-coding these responses we aim to reduce DNA "no shows" by a minimum of 50%



Customise Your Reminders

Reminders are setup automatically from your PMS. Remind patients from 1 hour to 7 days before their appointment

Convenience for Patients

Providing reminders is a thoughtful gesture for everyday busy people. These reminders act as a gentle nudge

Confirmation and Automation

Patients' appointment confirmations will create an automatic colour-coded update in your PMS against their appointment schedule

Charmed by Convenience

Make your reception team happy by letting Vensa take some of the load. Your valuable reception team spend more time with patients

General Practitioner, Dr Simon Bednarek - The Doctors Napier

"Reminding for appointments especially our nurse clinics that can be booked up weeks in advance; has drastically reduced 'no shows' by 50%"