Proactive Lab Result Delivery

Send instant template-generated or personalised lab results with annotations

Inform your patients of their results before they ask and reduce incoming calls by up to 70%



No News is Good News

Most General Practices have a policy for normal results of "no-news is good news". However, patients still ring! Send a courtesy text for your patient's peace of mind

Doctors can Instantly Send Results

Whilst test results are on the screen, with one-click Doctors can send lab results via TXT2Remind 4.0 directly to the patient. This will minimise double-handling

Delighted Nursing Team

Proactive Lab Result delivery has the advantage of reducing incoming calls that relate to Lab Results. This will subsequently reduce nurse time spent on the phones

Direct Proactive Communication

Patients will feel more informed and connected to their family doctor through receiving proactive Lab Result messages from their doctor's surgery

General Practitioner - Dr Tony Svensen, Avondale Health Centre

"Fantastic service, efficient, time saving and easy to use, I don't know how we coped without it"