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The Vensa Health support team is here to help you achieve your health targets with TXT2Remind.

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We’re always interested in talking to our customers about how they’re using TXT2Remind.  Some customers use TXT2Remind just for appointment reminders, and others use it for all screening and immunisation recalls, mass texting, texting results, and check-up reminders too.  We’re hearing some great success stories about everything from Smoking ABC to connecting with hard to reach populations.  

If you want assistance in using TXT2Remind in new ways to help meet your health targets – remember we are here to help support you communicate with your patients in new ways.  We’re also keen to hear your story and talk about your user experience.  See below for our contact details – we look forward to talking to you.

We recently had a chat with new TXT2Remind users to better understand the customer user experience.

Why did you decide to use TXT2Remind?

As we are in a low income area, people move house often, yet even the poorest seem to have a cell phone instead of landline phone. Texting at least gets their attention better than anything else we know about and gives back some of the responsibility for them to improve their health and lives.
-     Manurewa Family Doctors

We received positive feedback from other practices and having stalled getting the product for so long, introducing this to our practice was really overdue.
-     Redwood Clinic

We were hoping to improve health service access to patients, and improve our target achievement. It would be more convenient to contact patients without having to call them as most people have mobile phones.
-     Putaruru - Tirau Family Doctors

We wanted to use it to managed the recall system and making it more convenient for us to get through to people
-     West Otago Health

We had been thinking about getting it for a while, but the cost is what hindered us. When the ProCare deal was made available it was a viable option. The receptionists love it for appointment reminders, texting patients their INR results and the nurses use it for recalls.
-        Manurewa Healthcare

What is your favourite feature?

The interoperability of TXT2Remind. It is very easily used for the different areas within our practice and it’s time saving!
-     Redwood Clinic

I can send messages with the click of a button! The support that is being offered has been valuable.
-     West Otago Health

How are patients responding to TXT2Remind?

They’re fine about it, in fact the response to the patient consent messages we sent out indicate they are more than happy. It the modern age of technology, it’s how our patients operate.
-     West Otago Health 

Even when offered free advice free visits or free smears, there is still a huge lack of response.
-     Manurewa Family Doctors 

Well, sometimes too well as we are having to check then inbox daily.  Not many choose to opt off SMS
-     Redwood Clinic    


Has it made a change to your cost-saving?

-     Redwood Clinic 

In some ways, because we’re not sending out letters. Letters don’t work.
-     Putaruru - Tirau Family Doctors 

Possibly, because we remind them people actually come in. This could be generating more income and more people come in for their appointments. If they don’t response after 3 attempts, we stop bothering them.
-     West Otago Health 


How has the product improved day-to-day function?

It’s made communicating easier and quicker, especially with recalls. It has drastically reduced our DNAs.
 -     Manurewa Healthcare 

It is a quick and affordable way to contact for patients who do not respond to paper mail.  Often a much more efficient way of gaining responses from all age groups of patients.
-     Redwood Clinic 

It is nice and simpler to send a text in contrast to calling
-     West Otago Health

Tell us your story

If your practice would like to share a story about using Vensa Health’s TXT2Remind let us know, we’d love to profile you.

Information and Questions

The team at Vensa Health are always interested in providing additional support to help you meet health targets or channel new ways of communicating with your patients. If you are not using TXT2Remind for screening and immunisation recalls, mass texting, texting back results or check-up reminders give us a call on the number below. 


If you have any questions, please call us on 0800 736 463 or email

Best Regards,
The Vensa Team



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